Francis Marion University Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee at Francis Marion University is comprised of two members from each sponsored intercollegiate sport, the designated athletic administrator, and a student from the athletic training staff.  Student-athletes are nominated by their respective head coach.  These nominations are forwarded to the Director of Athletics for final approval. 

Committee members are selected based upon their leadership potential, their academic and athletic success, and their willingness to serve their fellow student-athletes for the advancement of their sport as well as the entire athletics program.  Committee members will serve one full year and may be re-nominated by their coach.  Committee members are expected to take their responsibility seriously, attend the meetings on a regular basis, and be an active participant.  Committee members should be knowledgeable not only of their sport, but also of the other sports sponsored by the University and also be willing to learn about the overall operations of our intercollegiate athletics program.

Committee members should always hold themselves to a high standard and should always emphasize academic success, character, citizenship, and sportsmanship.  Any committee member that fails to uphold the high standard of this position will be asked to resign and be replaced by another student-athlete from that respective sport. Although there will be no restrictions on the discussions held at the meetings, with the exception of personnel matters or other matters that deal directly with an individual student-athlete, the meetings should always be focused on what the committee can do to improve the intercollegiate experience of our student-athletes and to assist with the success of our total sports program.

The committee will meet a minimum of two times a semester and more often if needed.   The chair, in consultation with the designated athletic administrator,



2019-20 Francis Marion University Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

Winston Hill (Men's Basketball)
Douglas Dwight (Men's Basketball)
Alexis Watts (Volleyball)
Kayla Arthur (Volleyball)
Brayden Barry (Baseball)
Noah Davis (Baseball)
Rachel Hennenkamp (Women's Soccer)
Jessica Garnett (Women's Soccer)
Macy Passmore (Women's Basketball)
Briana White (Women's Basketball)
Charles Hutchings (Men's Tennis)
Matt Astell (Men's Tennis)
Lesshika Vala (Women's Tennis)
Magan Head (Women's Tennis)
Sidney Warden (Men's Soccer)
Oliver Peters (Men's Soccer)
Emma Driggers (Women's Cross Country)
Alexis Byers (Women's Cross Country)
Zachary Washington (Men's Cross Country)
Ivan Henderson (Men's Cross Country)
Addie May (Softball)
Liberty Schlutz (Softball)
Mark Goodall (Golf)
Michael Rials (Golf)

Advisor: Murray Hartzler, FMU athletic director